Our First Weekend Discussion

Friday February 11th, 2000

I've decided to try something new at MozillaZine: a "weekend discussion". Every Friday, we'll have a forum on a topic of interest to Mozilla users and developers. Hopefully it will generate some interesting conversations.

This week's topic is "Web Standards". What are your feelings about the current standards "process"? About Mozilla and its standards support? About what standards Mozilla should support in the future? I'm also interested in getting some opinions from Mozilla developers on this issue. How do they feel about being the "guinea pigs" of the standards process, being the first to implement standards specifications and also being the ones to deal with the vagaries and inconsistencies between revisions in the current specs? How are developers feeling about Mozilla's standards support so far?

Our forums are quite civil, so don't be afraid to speak your mind. We'd love to hear what you have to say. Just click the "responses" link below to get started.

#14 Re: Re: A possible solution to the W3C problem?

by colin_zr <>

Friday February 11th, 2000 5:15 PM

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hmm... You have a point there. However, to the extent that they're willing to follow anyone, I think browser vendors are more inclined to follow the W3C than any open source upstarts.

I don't think it's quite true that people haven't followed the W3C though. After all, CSS and XML didn't even have any existing implementations when they were created, yet they have, to some extent, been adopted. The W3C barely managed it and I don't think it'd be possible for anyone with less clout than the W3C to pull that off.

I'm actually quite in favour of Mozilla following the W3C's recommendations at this stage. Though I suspect their methods to be non-optimal, I'd rather have them than have MS defining the standards. If Mozilla didn't follow the standards then neither would MS, and MS would win.

As for setting up a standards body myself, the answer is no. I'm nothing more than an interested observer and I don't have the experience or the influence. Besides which, the first thing necessary in creating a new web technology is an idea, and I haven't got one of those either. (I don't think it would be possible, or even desirable, to take over the development of an already existing W3C standard.)