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Friday February 11th, 2000

Thomas Severinsen has created a new browser-based Mozilla forum. Available are a general discussion, a wishlist discussion, and a number of platform-specific discussion boards. Thomas is also looking for forum moderators, and for ideas for other forum topics. Contact him if you're interested in helping out.

#10 Menubar

by srishti

Wednesday May 21st, 2003 5:37 AM

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I am want to open the "Page Setup" dialog box in the "File" menu, thru a click of a button on a webpage using javascript or any other NON-Microsoft specific technology. In "IE" they can create an object of the browser by calling the ClassId and then using the "ExecWb" function in "VBscript" open the Page Setup, Print Preview, Properties, Print and other Dialog Boxes. Is there any thing similar to it in Mozilla which i can do?