Icons for Mozilla

Tuesday February 8th, 2000

We've collected some Mozilla icons that you can use on your desktop. Check the icon page out in our chromeZone section. We currently have icons for Windows and Unix, and are accepting submissions for all platforms.

#16 Re: Ugly?

by kerz <>

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 9:36 AM

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I checked them out on another machine, and you are correct sir, they look like crap. I dunno what the deal is. Maybe if windows didn't used a f***ed up way of using icons, this wouldn't happen. I made them in WindowsNT, and they all look cool, but seeing them at a low res monitor they look like crap.

All mine were done at 256 colors, and that looked good on NT. When I made them using true color, they looked like crap. I am using Microangelo to make them. Anyone know of something better?