Icons for Mozilla

Tuesday February 8th, 2000

We've collected some Mozilla icons that you can use on your desktop. Check the icon page out in our chromeZone section. We currently have icons for Windows and Unix, and are accepting submissions for all platforms.

#15 Re: Ugly?

by shashi <>

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 9:27 AM

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Hi, Willy,

I wrote to Steve Morrison (the man who takes care of the ChromeZone) earlier today informing him that four of the icons were "messed up". The four that I was having a problem with are *exactly* the same as the ones you mentioned. He wrote back telling me that nothing was wrong with them. Since both of us are experiencing the same thing, something doesn't seem quite right.

One of the icons giving problems just so happens to be one that I submitted yesterday (mozilla_narain.ico). If you are seeing strange colored lines near the top of the icon, then the file is corructed.

For those of you who maybe interested...I have taken the 13 icons that do work for me and have unified them into one,single Icon Library file. I will put this on my FTP server so that it can be available for public download. I'll post a message with the URL when I get the file uploaded.