Icons for Mozilla

Tuesday February 8th, 2000

We've collected some Mozilla icons that you can use on your desktop. Check the icon page out in our chromeZone section. We currently have icons for Windows and Unix, and are accepting submissions for all platforms.

#1 Preview???

by spaetz

Tuesday February 8th, 2000 5:20 PM

Cool idea, but I'd really appreciate a snapshot of the icon before downloading .ico's without knowing how they look.

Would it be nice to collect potential splash screens here as well?

#5 Re: Preview???

by sdm

Tuesday February 8th, 2000 6:05 PM

I'll put a link to this on the main icons page soon.

#22 customization

by ataferner

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 2:08 PM

ok, we can customize the skin, the throbber and the icons... how does one go about changing the splash screen?

#31 Re: Preview???

by Dan6992

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 6:59 PM

I hate to sugest it here, but you could allways use Internet Explorer. Since it has built in BMP support it can also read .ico files and display them in the browser window.

#32 Re: Preview???

by spaetz

Thursday February 10th, 2000 2:39 AM

No I can't! :-)

I'm either using Linux or Win95 where I did not install MS IE

#33 Re: Re: Preview???

by ruisan

Friday February 11th, 2000 11:21 AM

I'm using IE (arrrgg) here, at work, and I can't see the .ICOs. A preview would be nice :)

#2 phtpbpthptbpthptbptb

by megaloB

Tuesday February 8th, 2000 5:23 PM

as a lowly windows 95 user, icons mean everything. Now people will see Mozilla on my desktop and be like "what's that..deerer neere" and I will tell them.

viva el mozilla?

#3 How about gathering the Windows Icons into a .DLL

by ToriDan

Tuesday February 8th, 2000 5:24 PM

How about gathering the Windows Icons into a .DLL

Just a thought.

#4 Re: How about gathering the Windows Icons into a .

by sdm

Tuesday February 8th, 2000 6:04 PM

Is there a tool to do this type of thing?

#7 Re: Tool?

by WillyWonka

Tuesday February 8th, 2000 8:00 PM

MSVC++ :)

#9 yes you can

by doron

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 4:16 AM

its .ipl

check the link to mozillafan, I have my two icons in that format. I have permission of adding the windows icons to mine, so there will be one soon.

As for a .dll, will see about it.

#6 A Wonderful Idea n/t

by Tanyel

Tuesday February 8th, 2000 6:12 PM

blah blah blah whatever

#8 Interested in the original bitmaps?

by KlausM

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 3:11 AM

As the creator of the current animated throbber, I can provide the original bitmaps (they are larger than 32×32 pixels) and for the "m" the CorelDraw! file, too. Maybe it's easier for you to create the icons out of it. Please tell me whether you are interested in, and I will put them on the net tonight, when I'm back at home.


#24 Re: Interested in the original bitmaps?

by KlausM

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 3:41 PM

Here they are:

#10 Ugly?

by WillyWonka

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 8:10 AM

Does anyone else think that these icons are all ugly (Windows)? I hope when I downloaded them they were corrupted or something.

gecko.ico doesn't even display an icon (I've downloaded it twice) green-Moz and Mozilla_dll both look the same and they both have pink and other coloured dots throughout them. All of the icons with the dinosaur (With the exception of mozilla_new) all have white dots in the exact same places (Even though the backgrounds are different) mozilla_narain.ico is just plain screwed up. Its like a dino head with different coloured lines going though it. All of the M icons are black and white on my 65000 colour display... why?

The only one that I could see using (And I don't like it) is mozilla_new.ico

Is anyone else having these problems after downloading the simple ico files?

(I'm setting the ico files to use all possible colours - but of course this requires a reboot.)

#11 Re: Ugly?

by uksi

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 8:20 AM

Could this be because whatever browser you were using (probably Netscape) saved these icons in the ASCII format? Which means it converted all occurences of LF to CRLF. Hence the irregularities and all that screwed up stuff in the icons.

Try getting these URLs with something else, such as an FTP program or another browser or use an utility such as "Uncook95" to fix your downloaded files.

#12 Re: Re: Ugly?

by WillyWonka

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 8:28 AM

I don't see why it would have downloaded them as ascii. They are binary files and I have never had netscape mess up (4.7) with that.

I switched to high colour icons... 3 of the icons don't display at all anymore. m.ico is now blue. moz-m_background.ico looks the same as m.ico moz-semicommunicator.ico actually looks good. but all the others are still messed up.

moz-m_outline.ico with the cow spots (black blotches on white) looks cool. Oh well... Its IE displaying them :)

#14 Re: Re: Re: Ugly?

by sdm

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 9:12 AM

I've had people report to me that the icons look screwed up as well, but, they look fine to me EXCEPT for the 3 Jason Kersey did (the ones in /splash/). They show up as black.

I'm very sorry, but, I can't figure why these are displaying for some and not for others. A big fat mozillazine kiss will go out to anyone who can figure this out!

#20 Answer?

by Kovu

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 1:19 PM

I'm pretty sure that in Netscape you have to right-click the link and choose Save Link As. Simply clicking the hyperlink doesn't do anything, at least for me.

#29 Re: Answer?

by WillyWonka

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 5:57 PM

I shift-clicked.

#15 Re: Ugly?

by shashi

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 9:27 AM

Hi, Willy,

I wrote to Steve Morrison (the man who takes care of the ChromeZone) earlier today informing him that four of the icons were "messed up". The four that I was having a problem with are *exactly* the same as the ones you mentioned. He wrote back telling me that nothing was wrong with them. Since both of us are experiencing the same thing, something doesn't seem quite right.

One of the icons giving problems just so happens to be one that I submitted yesterday (mozilla_narain.ico). If you are seeing strange colored lines near the top of the icon, then the file is corructed.

For those of you who maybe interested...I have taken the 13 icons that do work for me and have unified them into one,single Icon Library file. I will put this on my FTP server so that it can be available for public download. I'll post a message with the URL when I get the file uploaded.



#17 Re: Re: Ugly?

by sdm

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 9:56 AM

I posted these in the ...and more... section. Hopefully people will have better luck with them.

#18 Re: Re: Re: Ugly?

by shashi

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 10:10 AM

Hi Steve,

When I posted my response the "and more" section was not up yet. I just took a look and saw it there. Guess you just saved me 2 seconds of upload time :-)

But as I mentioned earlier, three icons are not in the .icl file since they were corrupted. If I get my hands on better copies of these three icons, I'll update the .icl file.

#16 Re: Ugly?

by kerz

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 9:36 AM

I checked them out on another machine, and you are correct sir, they look like crap. I dunno what the deal is. Maybe if windows didn't used a f***ed up way of using icons, this wouldn't happen. I made them in WindowsNT, and they all look cool, but seeing them at a low res monitor they look like crap.

All mine were done at 256 colors, and that looked good on NT. When I made them using true color, they looked like crap. I am using Microangelo to make them. Anyone know of something better?


#19 Re: Re: Ugly?

by shashi

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 10:21 AM


Have you heard of a shareware package called "Easy Icons"??? I use this myself and find it an excellent tool. It does just about everything one would expect from such a product...extract icons from dll's and exe's, creating icon libraries and most importantly designing icons. The cool thing with this product is that it allows you to create icons using just the 256 Windoze colors or all the way up to true-color.

You should be able to find Icon Easy at the popular shareware sites.

#23 Re: Re: Ugly?

by Ben_Goodger

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 2:14 PM

was the other machine you viewed them on set to view icons in 256 colours? the windows 95 default is to display them in 16 colours, and you need software like Microangelo installed on the viewing machine (or win98 I think) to set the OS to display in 256.

#28 256 colours icons in win95

by bbb

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 4:25 PM

Here is how to display 256 colours icons in win95. You have to add the following value in the windows registry : "HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Control Panel->desktop->WindowMetrics->Shell Icon BPP" (it is a string value) and set it to "16" (for 16 bits). If you want the 256 colours icons for drives, folders, ... you also have to install the IE4.0 desktop update.

#30 Re: 256 colours icons in win95

by WillyWonka

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 6:03 PM

Or you could go to the effects panel in the display properties :P

#13 original bMaps

by loki77

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 8:44 AM

please post the originals and i'll whip up another batch of Mac icons JM

#21 I've still got mine

by BigShu

Wednesday February 9th, 2000 1:41 PM

Way back durring the throbber contest, I submitted the Mozilla eating the world-first attempt at a gif-file. If there is any intest I could send what I've got as well. Granted it was not great but. . .