Netscape's Branded Browser Name: 2001?

Tuesday February 8th, 2000

Henrik Gemal writes, "According to a bug that I reported the name of the next generation browser from Netscape is gonna be... hold on...

Netscape 2001

The bug report per mail. Check out the last line!!!!:

------- Additional Comments From 2000-02-07 17:49 ------- The component names and their descriptions should be as follows (in this order):

Navigator -- 'Web browser software'
Mail & News -- 'Email and Newsgroup software'
Netscape Instant Messenger -- 'For use with the AOL Instant Messenger service'
Quality Feedback Agent -- 'Tool for reporting software crashes to Netscape'
Spell Checker -- 'For use with Mail & News and Composer'
Sun Java 2 -- 'Enables Java in Netscape 2001'"

First, does anyone know for sure that this is the real name? Or is this just another 'placeholder' name?

I've gotta say that I don't think that the name of the app necessarily informs when it will be released. That said, I think it's a great name. It takes Communicator completely out of the game of version number one-upsmanship. It could also tie in really well with the whole mystique around '2001: A Space Odyssey'. They could be playful with it, and have their green Moz standing before a giant monolith...

There's also some other news of interest: there's going to be a Netscape-branded Instant Messenger, as well (which, I believe, will be built around XUL). It'd be nice to get some clarification on this.

#3 NS AIM is already out

by Kovu <>

Tuesday February 8th, 2000 7:34 AM

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They've already named the version of AIM that comes with Netscape Netscape IM, actually mostly. If you go to Netcenter and click on the CHAT button, the page you go to doesn't say AOL on it anywhere, I believe. The product does say Netscape but it also says AOL, too.

I'd say Netscape 2001 would be cool. It shows how many light years this product is beyond 4.7. 5.0 is just not a leap from 4.7. Plus, anyone remember the phantom 5.0 pre-release in 1998? It was another 4.x I believe but there was a signpost button. Anyway, this would alleviate confusion with that, too, not that many people saw it.

BTW, does anyone know what happened to 4.71? If you actually got it, Netscape had changed the desktop icon to an N similar to the throb button. I kept it and switched my 4.7 icon with it because it looks way better than trying to cram that lighthouse into a tiny little icon. I'm thinking that'll be the new desktop icon (or hoping so).