Reminder: I18N Dev Chat This Evening

Monday February 7th, 2000

Just a quick reminder that the Internationalization developer chat with Katsuhiko Momoi (IQA - International Quality Assurance), Frank Tang (of the I18N group) and Tao Cheng (from L10N - Localization - engineering) is going to start in just a few hours from 3:00pm-5:00pm PST (PST is GMT-0800). This should be a very interesting chat. Internationalization work affects all aspects of Mozilla development, including the design and structure of widgets. If you are interested in localizing Mozilla for your particular language, or if you are interested in getting some insights into i18n development, you won't want to miss this chat.

We plan on having a formal moderated q&a session (like past chats) which will give way to a more open back and forth regarding bugs and other i18n work. Point your IRC client at #mozillazine on, use the Java chat client on our chat page, or try out ChatZilla in the latest builds (under the Tasks menu). Hope to see you there!

Update on participants:

Just got an update from momoi. The participants will be:

Tao Cheng (L10n)
Naoki Hotta (I18n)
Katsuhiko Momoi (IQA) and
Juraj Betak (I18n) discussing his checkin for a UTF-8 to Unicode conversion performance boost.