M13 MathML Build Available for Linux

Sunday February 6th, 2000

Interested in testing out the MathML code, and possibly contributing to the effort? Why not download the MathML-enabled M13 build and give it a spin? You can visit the MathML Project page at, try some of the W3C's test suites, or participate in the discussion in the Mozilla MathML newsgroup.

This is an amazing "all-third-party" project that could benefit greatly from your attention and thoughtful bug reports.

#3 MathML builds on Windows & examples

by RBS <>

Monday February 7th, 2000 11:18 PM

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MathML builds on Windows?

Yes, there will ultimately be Win32 binaries with MathML binaries, stay tuned...

Examples? (I assume you mean the examples in the mathml/tests directory?)

MathML is not enabled by default. And so examples will not display as expected on regular nigthly/milestone builds.