Sunday February 6th, 2000

Familiar with MacOS X? Wondering what's going on in MozillaLand regarding MacOS X? Well, look no further than the Fizzilla page on Find out why they are switching from the Carbon-API backend to the BSD Unix backend that MacOS X provides, and how you can help if you want to see a strong browser for the MacOS X market.

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by yakk

Sunday February 6th, 2000 10:58 PM

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MacOSX doesn't use the FreeBSD kernel. It uses a Mach kernel, with a BSD subsystem on top of it. I believe they've updated the userland to be based on the FreeBSD userland as the previous OpenStep userland was getting a little out of date. Interestingly they've adopted Debian's dpkg tool for package management - certainly a much better option than FreeBSD's package tool from my experiences with both of them.

I'm sure the people would accept a donation of a machine from FreeBSD for tinderbox. They've been donated machines by a variety of other OS vendors.