Finger Protocol Implemented!

Saturday February 5th, 2000

Brian Ryner has implemented the finger protocol in Mozilla. Download the latest build and give it a try! Here's a sample (paste it into the URL bar):

A great contribution -- thanks Brian!

#11 How I Discovered Finger

by sebbo <>

Monday February 7th, 2000 9:10 AM

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My college went from a VMS to giving students Eudora accounts in the early '90s, with a special app (I don't remember its name) for looking up other students' info. Fields for one's entry included such esoterica as office phone number, .plan, .project, and picture (some sort of binary-encoded thing that I never saw actually working right).

Once I noticed that all my hackerish friends has various silly plan files, I quizzed them on this, and got the explanation of Finger.

Later, when I got a shell account with my ISP and learned the rudiments of UNIX, I was very excited when I put my first .plan file up, and was able to finger <> and have it work.

"Very cute and all, what is it good for?" you ask. Well, if you live in the Boston area, finger <> is a useful little toy.