Lehigh University Offering Course On Software Engineering Focusing on Mozilla

Thursday February 3rd, 2000

Rob Latham writes, "Lehigh University is using Mozilla and the related tools to teach software engineering. The 100 or so students in ECE 216: Software Engineering will have to build the lizard on Win32 and Linux, file at least one good bug report (hopefully with a fix) with bugzilla, and generally throw a lot of eyeballs at this project."

The site describes more about its use of Mozilla on their Links page.

This is the second school to do this, West Virginia University being the first. I hope more universities consider making Moz the subject of software engineering classes. What a great way to introduce students to a large-scale project. So much is open to the public, and there are many different subareas of the project for students to focus on. If a department at your school offers a Mozilla class, let us know!

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by dnxthx

Thursday February 3rd, 2000 3:41 PM

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Don't worry, your comment didn't sound disparaging. I'm just that class TA, so I can't speak for the instructor *per se*, but I know him pretty well, so I'll post this comment anyway.

Part of understanding what software engineering is all about it getting involved (somehow) on a large project. Mozilla fits this bill quite nicely. It's a moving target, open source, and an exciting project (for students or otherwise) to work on. I agree that SoftE isn't all about coding. But neither is Mozilla.

Perhaps the title of the article is a bit misleading. The focus of this class is not Mozilla; it's Software Engineering. We just happen to be using Mozilla to help teach it.