Mozilla Performance, And How To Help

Thursday February 3rd, 2000

Christine Begle of writes,

"We need your help to improve Mozilla's performance.

  • We need help identifying more tasks that seem slow.
  • We need help generating data that demonstrates Mozilla's performance, especially in comparison with other browsers.
  • We need help generating profiling data.

If you want to help, please read these instructions to see what you should put in a performance bug report, and for how to use jprof, the freely available profiling tool for Mozilla that runs on RedHat 6.1. If you can already build Mozilla on RedHat 6.1, you can generate profiling data.

If you have Quantify, check out these instructions for installing, building, and running with Quantify. These tips may also be helpful to you.

If you are on MacOS, get the Mac Instrumentation SDK, and read these tips for profiling Mozilla on MacOS.

If your favorite performance problem isn't on the list of known performance problems, please let us know."

#9 Re: A major performance need

by Tanyel <>

Friday February 4th, 2000 4:28 PM

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I think all of the Mozilla developers should be required to run Mozilla on computers with 32 megabytes of RAM. Then maybe they will be able to understand the criticism.

Two days ago, I used Mozilla on a Windows NT computer with 128 megabytes and it was wonderful. The only reason I stopped is because I had to use Java. I think I will use it more than Internet Explorer if it ever performs that well on my own computer.