Help Localize Mozilla for M14

Monday January 31st, 2000

Tao Cheng writes in with an invite to participate in the Mozilla localization effort, with the goal of having Mozilla M14 localized in all 19 languages registered on the Mozilla localization page and the localized builds pushed to the FTP server concurrent with or soon after the M14 release.

The languages currently on the list include Bosnian (bosnian-BA), Catalan, Czech, Danish (da-DK), French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (pt-BR, pt-PT), Russian, Spanish (es-CO and es-ES), and Thai.

Some of the languages have been localized to the M13 build, but many are localized to much older builds and must be brought up to date. There are also some new Open Source tools available to help in the effort.

If you can help, or you know someone who can, visit Tao's invite page to find out more.

#9 Re: Thai localization is stoned

by Bacteria

Friday February 4th, 2000 12:42 AM

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both i18n and l10n are welcome :)