Full Article Attached Reports of Mozilla's Failure Have Been Greatly Exaggerated or Why Mozilla Will Change the Web... Again

Friday January 28th, 2000

Reader James Russell has written an article (with added updates) on why Mozilla is going to weather the blistering press attacks it has suffered recently. Viva Mozilla!

#30 Re: Mozilla in 16 megs? Well... maybe

by asa <>

Monday January 31st, 2000 2:45 PM

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Some of my thoughts:

Your performance numbers are pretty close to what I've seen on my machines. I run mozilla on three machines, a P100 with 16MB RAM, a P90 with 32MB RAM and a PII350 with 64MB RAM. On the machine with 16MB RAM things are pretty slow but it runs. On the machine with 32MB RAM it runs (UI and page rendering) at an acceptable level (scrolling in trees is the last performance hurdle for my 32MB RAM machine and they've made progress recently in this area). On my PII350 with 64MB RAM mozilla is really nice. The UI is responsive and page layout/rendering is very quick.

About Gecko vs. IE, that's a little bit tricky because few people are comparing apples to apples on this one. Gecko, mozilla's _rendering engine_ is quite fast. On a page layout comparison between just the layout engines of mozilla and ie it's probably safe to say that gecko is really competitive. When you talk about the entire application (on slow machines), mozilla has a ways to go. Gecko renders more than just the content in mozilla, it renders the UI as well. Optimizations have and continue to improve this relationship between content and UI resource allocation. I think Gecko proves itself to be quite a powerful engine when you consider that it renders both content and chrome.

-Asa (posted with mozilla)