Full Article Attached Reports of Mozilla's Failure Have Been Greatly Exaggerated or Why Mozilla Will Change the Web... Again

Friday January 28th, 2000

Reader James Russell has written an article (with added updates) on why Mozilla is going to weather the blistering press attacks it has suffered recently. Viva Mozilla!

#21 Ooops, correct test

by leafdigital

Monday January 31st, 2000 8:34 AM

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Sorry, I just did the test properly and Netscape 4.7, immediately after loading and viewing one web page, takes approximately 10 MB, so it's slightly smaller than Mozilla. But the point still remains; the difference isn't that significant and I think Mozilla will run (slowly but just-about-usably) on 16 MB machines.

(Incidentally, now that I've clicked on four links, Netscape has grown to 16 MB and that can't ALL be memory cache, that's set to 1 MB... It may have loaded Java or something.)