Full Article Attached Reports of Mozilla's Failure Have Been Greatly Exaggerated or Why Mozilla Will Change the Web... Again

Friday January 28th, 2000

Reader James Russell has written an article (with added updates) on why Mozilla is going to weather the blistering press attacks it has suffered recently. Viva Mozilla!

#19 Mozilla in 16 megs? Well... maybe

by leafdigital

Monday January 31st, 2000 8:29 AM

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I just tried (in NT, not Linux, sorry) to start up Mozilla and view one web page; this should give approximate memory consumption assuming that all memory leaks are eventually fixed.

It uses about 13 MB of memory. What this means (from my experience with other software) is that it will work on 16 MB but it may be rather slow, depending on how much of that memory is actively in use. Probably performance will be acceptable, but it won't be fast.

This 13 MB footprint is slightly smaller than my Netscape 4.7 currently has allocated (~15 MB), so you should be able to expect roughly equivalent performance from the size perspective, although bear in mind that Mozilla doesn't yet include plug-ins, Java etc.

Actually, referring to performance, I was interested to see the quote in the article about Gecko "blowing away" IE in terms of speed. I've never noticed any speed gain from using Mozilla over IE - if anything, Mozilla seems slightly slower. Not that it's particularly a problem, they're both quite quick, but, easy on the hype, I say...