Full Article Attached Reports of Mozilla's Failure Have Been Greatly Exaggerated or Why Mozilla Will Change the Web... Again

Friday January 28th, 2000

Reader James Russell has written an article (with added updates) on why Mozilla is going to weather the blistering press attacks it has suffered recently. Viva Mozilla!

#15 Re: Will the optional components be removable?

by asa <>

Monday January 31st, 2000 7:03 AM

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None of these will be included in Mozilla. They will (mozt likely) be included in the Netscape Branded Version (Communicator 5.0) but being that none of them are open source, none of them will be part of Mozilla.

Now, as far as "will they be optional in Netscape's Communicator?" I'm guessing that there will be at least a couple of packages available but I really don't know. You can always grab one of the non-Netscape distributions of Mozilla :-) I suspect that there will be several options there. You can also grab the source and build Mozilla yourself.

-Asa (posted with mozilla)