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Friday October 2nd, 1998

Jason Kersey writes in stating that he's created a MozBin skin (chrome implementation) for everyone to try.

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#4 Re:First Chrome Sample!

by Dave Hyatt <>

Sunday October 4th, 1998 1:14 AM

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The goal of course is complete configurability. Given time constraints, however, we stopped with the toolbars and tree views. We also aren't making as many things about them configurable as we could (e.g., fonts aren't being addressed in this rev).

The grippy on the LHS of the toolbars was originally going to be customizable, but I punted on it in this rev to cut down on the amount of work. If someone wants to go off and do it, more power to 'em. :)

Yes you can use high quality images: GIFs and JPEGs can both be used.

In theory, there is no limit on the image size, although I should probably do something about that... and I also have no idea what would happen if you put a really big image on a toolbar.