M13 Alpha - What's Next?

Thursday January 27th, 2000 has declared M13 to be "alpha" which means Mozilla needs your attention and constructive bug reports as it pushes towards beta. Why not check out the latest builds and start using Mozilla more and more throughout your day?

Also, you can join the gathering in #mozillazine every evening. Talk about the latest builds, help clear out duplicate bugs, or just hang and chat. Point your IRC client at, or, better yet, you can use the Chatzilla IRC client enabled in the latest builds (under the Tasks menu). Just start up the client, /attach moznet, and then /join #mozillazine. You'll probably want to change your nick from IRCMonkey to something more appropriate once you get connected. :-) You can also use the Java chat client on our chat page.

#83 Zarro Boogs! (nearly)

by tialaramex

Sunday January 30th, 2000 6:44 PM

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1. Bye bye "controller has no properties". I do not ever want to see a user trying to figure out why the arrow keys/ short-cuts/ whatever don't work. 2. Fix smearing of interlaced PNGs. This CANNOT be fixed by PNG experts because no-one seems to actually know how Mozilla's mask stuff is supposed to work. Assign someone to produce documentation for the mask backend, or if that's impossible (spaghetti) then kill it and write a new, documented replacement. 3. Track down and kill redraw bugs. Better to draw twice than not at all (or is that the problem, perhaps the background is drawn twice?) Wow, if this had been asked at M10 I'd have gone on for pages, so SOMEONE is doing something right. Keep plodding guys, I think you're nearly there :) Nick.