M13 Out!

Wednesday January 26th, 2000

M13 builds have started appearing on the ftp site. Windows, Mac and Linux builds so far, more sure to come. Fullcircle builds are also available, which will pass crash data back to the developers.

The release notes are now out. There are lots of links to ways you can get involved with Mozilla, so check it out.

UPDATE! We have updated the builds page here at MZ to include the M13 builds... and the M12 builds... and the M11 builds... :)

#80 Re: Mozilla or Netscape?

by dave532

Thursday January 27th, 2000 5:44 PM

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It's probably because most of the contributors work for Netscape and will be used to the Netscape name. The first few installer builds did refer to the product as Netscape Seamonkey then they renamed it to Mozilla Seamonkey but the old directory names still remained. As for the AIM listed in the helper applications, the helper applications part of the preferences is not hooked up yet and AOL Instant messenger is just there as a placeholder.

As for the wallet table. That's hosted on this is not an official Netscape site, it's the Netscape employees site, so it's just someone who works for Netscape is hosting the wallet tables on their personal webspace.