Communicator 4.7 International Versions Get 128-bit Encryption

Monday January 24th, 2000

Because of the relaxing of export restrictions on crypto code, Communicator 4.7 is now available with 128-bit strong encryption for international users. The new version is available - for 23 languages - on the Netscape Products Download Page.

Thanks to Ryuzi Kambe (who maintains the mozillaZine Japanese translation) for the news.

#13 Its a pain

by Celt

Saturday January 29th, 2000 5:47 PM

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All very fine and well but for some reason you can't use Go!Zilla to download the 128bit version which is really annnoying also every time I try download it I get about 0.8k/s and it times out after about 2MB's downloaded.

I've been trying the last few days and still the same