Webreference on XML in Mozilla and IE5

Thursday January 20th, 2000

Andrew Newman writes, "Webreference has a good article about Mozilla and IE 5.x and their XML support. It's here." Interesting read.

#1 Good Article

by TonyG <>

Saturday January 22nd, 2000 10:42 AM

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I read this article and was surprised at how even handed Webreference were. It is so bad to see IE5 being heralded as the way to be web standards compliant so I thought it a breath o fresh air when IE5s flaws were pointed out.

Mind you, Mozilla really needs to get XSLT support hooked up. M$ are really stealing a march on Moz because of this.

Also, as I think Adam Locke said in the XSLT newsgroup, a "beautifying" stylesheet for XML would be great in Mozilla.