Webreference on XML in Mozilla and IE5

Thursday January 20th, 2000

Andrew Newman writes, "Webreference has a good article about Mozilla and IE 5.x and their XML support. It's here." Interesting read.

#1 Good Article

by TonyG

Saturday January 22nd, 2000 10:42 AM

I read this article and was surprised at how even handed Webreference were. It is so bad to see IE5 being heralded as the way to be web standards compliant so I thought it a breath o fresh air when IE5s flaws were pointed out.

Mind you, Mozilla really needs to get XSLT support hooked up. M$ are really stealing a march on Moz because of this.

Also, as I think Adam Locke said in the XSLT newsgroup, a "beautifying" stylesheet for XML would be great in Mozilla.

#2 Re: Good Article

by thelem

Saturday January 22nd, 2000 3:46 PM

Do we actually have any hard-and-fast specification for XSLT (even a partial one). I don't want to repeat Netscape's previous mistake with layers. Everything that is implemented should stay as long as possible.

#3 Re: Re: Good Article

by FrodoB

Saturday January 22nd, 2000 4:17 PM

As far as I know, XSLT is a W3C Recommendation now. Now, XSLT isn't all of XSL, which ISN'T a Recommendation yet.

#4 Off-topic: Roaming Access

by DrCrane

Saturday January 22nd, 2000 9:50 PM

One of the greatest features of Netscape 4.5+ in my opinion was Roaming Access. I really miss not having it available in the Mozilla builds ... does anyone know if this will be included in Mozilla or Netscape 5???

#7 Re: Off-topic: Roaming Access

by mstearne

Monday January 24th, 2000 5:42 PM

I would like to see it in there too. Not so much the builds but in the final release.

#5 XML in Opera?

by slm

Sunday January 23rd, 2000 2:57 PM

the author has no info about XML in Opera? I have... it's an old hat:

have fun!

#6 Re: XML in Opera?

by timechanter

Sunday January 23rd, 2000 11:55 PM

Has anyone tried the referenced XML page in the latest nightly. It doesnt render anything like what the author expected. Anyideas if this is meant to be like that?