Help Test Mozilla's Printing Services

Wednesday January 19th, 2000

Mozilla hopes to deliver "the most error-free and accurate printing ever delivered by a web browser". But to do that, they need your help testing the printing services on different printers and configurations. To find out how to help, visit's Printing Help Page. There you will find a link to their current printing test suite, as well as instructions on how to submit other testcases and bug reports. So, if you have a printer, be sure to help in the effort to provide the best printing services that Mozilla can offer.

#7 BEST printing support??? No CSS page-break-*

by andreas <>

Wednesday January 26th, 2000 10:30 AM

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One reason why PDF has become so popular on the web is that HTML has ignored printing. For any serious documentation project that whishes to use HTML and has to consider printing the CSS page-break-* property is *indispensible*, and should, IMHO, be among the first ones to be considered when moving from CSS1 to CSS2.

I understand that some of the page-break-* values(!) might be somewhat more difficult to implement, but a "page-break-before: always;" to start a chapter on a new page is just like a the old form feed and should be easy to do. Is it complicated to start a new pagebox? Don't be surprised to see messages like "Your browser does not support certain printing features. Please use Browser XY for proper formatting on paper".

I've submitted this as bug 24000 and the feature is promised for M15. If you need this feature, please vote for bug 24000!!