Help Test Mozilla's Printing Services

Wednesday January 19th, 2000

Mozilla hopes to deliver "the most error-free and accurate printing ever delivered by a web browser". But to do that, they need your help testing the printing services on different printers and configurations. To find out how to help, visit's Printing Help Page. There you will find a link to their current printing test suite, as well as instructions on how to submit other testcases and bug reports. So, if you have a printer, be sure to help in the effort to provide the best printing services that Mozilla can offer.

#5 Printing

by PhiSch

Sunday January 23rd, 2000 11:22 AM

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Hell there,

OK, I did some printing tests, but they all came out, well bad. Most images did not come out at all (just a box with the broken image logo) or the image were at a wrong position. I use a Win98 First Edition, With a HP LaserJet 4000 Post Script and Mozilla 2000012116

I will do some more testing as soon as M13 is out.

Oh, I have a suggestion for how improve printing in NN5.

How about adding the printing option to the side bar. One could click on that and then the regular browser window turns into a preview of the page (like there is in NN4.7 when you hit page preview and you get the document displayed on sheets of paper)

And when you check within the sidebar e.g. "all text black" you can see the changes in the right part of the window immediately. This would make other features like "Print only page 2-5" easier, too.

Maybe one could add a feature like "print text only" cause many websites have large graphics. Or just print the marked part?

OK, just some ideas.....

PhiSch Build ID: 2000012116

PS: I really love the current M12 version. Very stable and fast!