Tree Closed for M13

Wednesday January 19th, 2000

The tree has closed for M13 stabilization, so we can expect to see an M13 build show up sometime within the next week or so. There has been a lot of work done over the past few weeks, and I think a lot of people will be happy with the progress they see in the final M13 binaries. Keep an eye out here for news and more of what to expect in M13.

#67 Will frames flicker?

by btbernie01

Wednesday January 26th, 2000 1:24 AM

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It was a pleasure to see the browser perform JavaScript, open new windows and generate HTML almost flawlessly!

But what will happen to the white/gray background color previously used on framesetting documents until the child frames are loaded? Will it disappear?

With Navigator 4.7 and MSIE 5 there appears to be no way to eliminate the transient effects. Today I cannot write a smooth application with HTML+frames+JavaScript that uses variable frame geometries.

Theoretically, a framesetting "document" is only a control mechanism without a color. But practically, due to network delays and limited processing power, it exists during that time as an ugly gray/white page. Processing power is currently used to paint it anyway, so will we be able to control its color, possibly with document.bgColor=<colorValue> ?