Tree Closed for M13

Wednesday January 19th, 2000

The tree has closed for M13 stabilization, so we can expect to see an M13 build show up sometime within the next week or so. There has been a lot of work done over the past few weeks, and I think a lot of people will be happy with the progress they see in the final M13 binaries. Keep an eye out here for news and more of what to expect in M13.

#47 Re: Moz is no trash!

by DTHML_Fiend

Sunday January 23rd, 2000 1:47 AM

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What I was trying to state is that UI in not very important at this point in the development cycle. Yes UI is very important to the casual user or the die hard web developer (thats why I still use IE5 as my primary browser...). But UI is usually one of the last things in the development cycle esp with a limited number of developers. Huge core changes or deciding to include new things can dratically confillt with UI development if it is started to early. Take XUL for instance, it completely changed the way UI is created. So yes UI is extremely important, but not at this point in the game, hell in my opion I think its stupid to weigh Moz's usefulness at this point based off of its UI since it has probably gotten the least amount of attention of any part of the project. Starting UI to early would be like buying all new leather interior and bucket seats for your 1954 Ford when the block is craked, your trany's fucked, and your electrical system is shorted. So I'll stick to my guns and say that bulld the core the right way the first time around and then work on the UI, not the other way around.