Jazilla's Second Stable Release

Tuesday January 18th, 2000

Matthew Schmidt writes, "On Jan. 14th, the Jazilla Project released it's 2nd stable release. For those of you that don't know what Jazilla is, it's a 100% pure Java web browser that aims to fill the void that HotJava was supposed to fill for Java web viewing. New in this release is an automatic bug reporter, a new bookmarks system based on XML and numerous bug fixes to make Jazilla more stable. We are in need of programmers, and work on our new renderer which will support all the tags in the W3C standard has begun. Stay tuned for more info. Expect a new release every month or so."

#1 project page is not updated very often

by jilles

Wednesday January 19th, 2000 2:33 PM

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I was a bit disappointed that the project page has not been updated. It still lists M1 (september '99) as it's last date and the rest of the site appears to be more or less the same too.

For someone like me (interested java developer) that's a pitty. I probably won't contribute code (no time, sigh) but I'm interested in what the actual status of this thing is. Also more details on what actually has been implemented, the project goals and motivation, current probelms, etc. would be nice.

Judging from the speed mozilla is progressing, I think the jazilla project would benefit from a little more accesibility. A good start might be to have more jazilla related news on this site.