Full Article Attached Zope XUL Project Opened

Monday January 17th, 2000

The Zope web site management system has taken a bold step into Mozilla territory. The creators of Zope are building their management system in XUL and RDF, and their first efforts can be seen in this screenshot. It shows their Object browser running in an XUL-based window. Zope is a website development and content management system that places the site's management all within a web-based interface. With this extension, the management interface can be moved out of the web-page content and into the browser UI.

The project consists of work both in XUL and in the Zope application itself. They are extending the Zope application class to generate RDF information which will allow the entire Zope application to be accessible by IDEs like the one they are creating in XUL.

You can browse through their code using Zope's cvsweb interface. You can check out the code yourself by reading the Zope Public CVS access instructions and substituting in ZopeMozilla for Zope2. We've also provided the detailed instructions from the announcement by Martijn Pieters, one of Zope's creators. You can read them by clicking Full Article below.

This is a great first third-party module, as it shows clearly how Mozilla is moving the browser into new territory - enabling the creation of cross-platform, standards-based, web-enabled applications.

#1 This is very nice...

by ERICmurphy

Monday January 17th, 2000 11:16 PM

And of course, a person will have to use some iteration of (Mozilla)Communicator 5.0 to use it.

Is Zope a good setup? I have always meant to try it.

#2 Zope at LinuxWorld

by PaulEveritt

Tuesday January 18th, 2000 10:30 AM

Just a quick note: we (Digital Creations, the Zope folks) will be at LinuxWorld in New York week after next. We have a spot in the section. If you'd like to see this Mozilla-based "Zope Studio" in action, please drop by. I'd love to discuss with the Mozilla community our ideas about the Zope object model and the Mozilla object model to play ball together.

#3 Errata

by mjpieters

Tuesday January 18th, 2000 12:38 PM

In the announcement I said that Mozilla M12 is required. This is wrong, you'll need a build from 10 January or later. On that date a new method was added to the RDF Composite Datasource that we use.

#4 This is Cool

by Tekhir

Tuesday January 18th, 2000 9:19 PM

I use python as my favorite scripting language and everyone that uses it has heard of zope. Now they can all hear about mozilla, if they haven't already.