Full Article Attached Configurable Chrome Spec Released! Screenshot Available!

Friday October 2nd, 1998

The configurable chrome spec has been release on an unsuspecting mozillaZine, and we have the scoop for you!

What's configurable chrome? Well, you're about to find out, and get a screenshot, to boot! So read on!

#5 Re:Configurable Chrome Spec Released! Screenshot A

by Guillermo S. Romero <>

Saturday October 3rd, 1998 4:47 PM

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Config is done via javascript... Why so much javascript? I dislike it (slows the machine and the most uses you see are intrusive and insecure).

Will it be possible to have skins without JS? Will it be possible to have 0% JS in Mozilla?

[Just a user who still uses old Mozillas (of course no Java, no JS: really fast and more secure) and does not understand why "better" or "newer" must be synonimum of "forced to eat it all"]