Full Article Attached Configurable Chrome Spec Released! Screenshot Available!

Friday October 2nd, 1998

The configurable chrome spec has been release on an unsuspecting mozillaZine, and we have the scoop for you!

What's configurable chrome? Well, you're about to find out, and get a screenshot, to boot! So read on!

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by Frank Hecker <>

Saturday October 3rd, 1998 10:13 AM

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Re Ben Smith's question about web developers being able to change the user's chrome for a particular web site: Though I'm not involved in any way in the development of this feature, the configurable chrome specification seems to allow for the possibility of using JavaScript to set custom chrome for a particular site (and even for a particular window).

As noted, this raises potential security issues, so this would have to be done using digitally signed JavaScript, and the user would have to explicitly permit the JavaScript to change the chrome. (Some users of course would want to disable downloadable chrome altogether, and they could do that.)