Full Article Attached Configurable Chrome Spec Released! Screenshot Available!

Friday October 2nd, 1998

The configurable chrome spec has been release on an unsuspecting mozillaZine, and we have the scoop for you!

What's configurable chrome? Well, you're about to find out, and get a screenshot, to boot! So read on!

#10 Re:Configurable Chrome Spec Released! Screenshot A

by Bradley Robinson <>

Sunday October 4th, 1998 2:37 PM

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I've already used the chrome sample to make my own chrome. I didn't use any of the images or colors though. I moved the location bar to the other toolbar. Added most of the buttons I could from the 4.0. Got some icons from 4.0 so I can use them for the chrome. Bookmarks icon and What's Related icon. Added a Links Menu to the Navigation bar. Put the History button right beside the location bar. Threw a few separators in and now I seem to put up with the crashing just see my chrome. It's very configurable. Even though users who don't know how to do this stuff might not like the default interface at all and decide to use IE. Hopefully some more configuration preferances are added for inexperienced users.