Status Update

Friday January 14th, 2000

David Polberger thought it was worth drawing attention to Jim Roskind's Seamonkey status update on the Status Update page.

Jim talks about dogfood, alpha, beta -- all from an unofficial point-of-view -- and gives a clear look ahead at the next few months of development.

There's a lot to do, but they're making great progress, and I expect M13 (the tree closes for M13 stabilization on the 18th of January) will get a strong reception.

#42 Re: XSL/XQL

by basic <>

Monday January 17th, 2000 2:22 PM

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search bugzilla <>

for XSL to find out more about XSL this newsgroup:


has a little more info on what is going on.

XQL is not a standard (yet), despite MS website making it to look like one:


What exist so far is MS's proposal:



Other links:



public mailling list archive:


it's as good as dead though.

The site for the latest XQL info! (too bad it's for members only):


Person in charge: