Communicator For Slower Machines?

Thursday October 1st, 1998

George Giannukos writes in with a question that I had not considered, and something that may be possible with the new layout engine being developed. George writes, "I say if Netscape can't integrate the damn browser into the OS, then Netscape needs to give more CHOICE!

First off, I have a 100 MHz computer and Communicator4 and IE4 are slow. I would NEVER install IE on it. IE makes the whole computer slower, so what's the point if it opens 3 seconds faster if it slows the whole computer?

Anyhow, I would like to see Netscape release a browser for older computers. Do ya'll think this is a market that Netscape should consider?"

#15 Re:Communicator For Slower Machines?

by Richard Lloyd <>

Friday October 9th, 1998 2:20 PM

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I suggested this idea on a newsgroup ages ago:

Distribute each component of Mozilla/Netscape as a set of shared libraries, each set of which has a function that returns 0 for not available or 1 for available. Also ship a set of stub shared libraries (with 0 being returned for each set to indicate that feature isn't available).

When installing, the installer should ask, do you want: 1. Minimal Netscape/Mozilla 2. "Everything" Netscape/Mozilla 3. Customised set of features Netscape/Mozilla.

The installer copies the stubs for the disabled features and the full shared libraries for the enabled features.

Just think - you could even download the libraries yourself and upgrade parts of your browser (or just download to enable a feature without having to re-install).

Brilliant and also fantastic for older machines - they get a minimal browser and those of us with better machines can have more features (or not, if we're Scrooge with the RAM/disk !).

Unfortunately, no-one agreed with me at the time...