Mike Shaver Leaving Netscape

Wednesday January 12th, 2000

Mike Shaver, evangelist, developer, and all-around good guy, is leaving Netscape for a new position. Below you will find Mike's official statement on the matter. Although the news isn't good, Mike's commitment to Mozilla still stands, and you'll still see him around. We at mozillaZine would like to wish Mike all the best in his next job, and we would like to thank him for his Mozilla work and advocacy over the past two years. Good Luck, Mike!

Mike writes, "Rumours have been circulating, and rumours are always more frightening than the truth, so I'd like to set things straight. January 31, 2000 is my last day as an employee of AOL/Netscape, and it will also mark the end of my full-time involvement with Mozilla. I've been asked by my new employer to not disclose the details of where I'm going next, but I should be able to say more in the next little while. Suffice it to say that I'm quite excited about it.

Though Mozilla will no longer be my full-time job, I will continue to participate in the community as much as possible, and my new employer is very supportive of that. I'll still be, and you can be sure you'll see me on #mozilla quite frequently.

It's very important to me that people don't misinterpret this as a vote of no-confidence in Mozilla or I'm certain that Mozilla will be a resounding success, and I think the state of the M12 release supports my position pretty well. My time on the Mozilla team has been tremendously rewarding, and I will honestly miss my excellent co-workers -- within AOL/Netscape and beyond! -- very much."

If you have any wishes to send Mike, you can post them in the forum for this news item.

#22 Please do list

by Mazen <>

Friday January 14th, 2000 10:33 AM

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[Sorry, my previous message was sent prematurely. Please ignore it.] I've been downloading and using Mozilla for the better part of a year now. While I am pleased (and impressed) with it, there are a few important features that are not yet implemented. Most users respond better to visible changes than to more abstract compliance-type features, regardless of their relative importance.

Here is my proposed list of visible features that would help convince many users, and the folks at C|Net that Mozilla is improving quickly:

- Users absolutely expect multi-page back and forward buttons.

- Enlarging and reducing text is not yet implemented. So is 'Use Stylesheet'

- The scroll bar is disproportionate in some windows, such as the sidebar or the message selection window

- When toolbars are minimized, there is no text or icon to indicate which toolbar tab corresponds to which toolbar.

- The text in the Preferences dialog runs into borders when resized.

- The Composer doesn't justify text.

- The Account Setup feature of the Mail reader doesn't seem to allow the editing of the user ID or password.

- The newsgroup subscription option doesn't give a list of available newsgroups.

- The Newsgroups menu doesn't work.

- The color selectors should work.

I think that these features are all easy-to-medium in difficulty, but their impact will be significant.

[I'm using Windows NT and 98]