Javascript 1.5 goes Beta!

Wednesday January 12th, 2000

Javascript 1.5 has reached beta, and you can test it out in Mozilla now. You can read more about Javascript in Mozilla here, and the 1.5 announcement here. The announcement page also has links to discussions going on in the jseng newsgroup regarding some of the new features.

So, what's new? Well, some ECMA-262, revision 3 changes: Conditional function declaration, runtime errors reported as exceptions, and regular expression enhancements. Also, multiple catch clauses, getters and setters, catch keyword, and "strict" mode. Lots of info in the announcement page, so check it out!

#1 What's the story with old-school Javascript stuff

by just

Wednesday January 12th, 2000 5:50 PM

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I admit I'm completely ignorant of the full story behind Javascript in Mozilla, so can someone explain to me when I can expect, if at all, traditional javascript applications like 'rollovers' and popping up layers to work in Mozilla?

Case study: <> The rollovers for the images on the menu do not work properly (though they do have some functionality) and the pop-up 'quick reference' and 'search' don't appear.

I understand that Mozilla probably uses a different DOM to its predecessors but even when using this new DOM I can't seem to get layers (yes, I'm using DIVs, not LAYER tags) to pop-up under current builds of Mozilla.

Is this a bug? Something yet to be developed? Something I'm doing wrong?