AOL and Time Warner to Merge

Monday January 10th, 2000

CNNfn is reporting that AOL and Time Warner have made public their plans to merge, with AOL shareholders getting 55% of the merged company, called AOL Time Warner.

Time Warner's boss will remain chief executive, and Steve Case of AOL will become the company's chairman.

As AOL rolls out their set-top and other technological initiatives this year, they can only benefit from being in the same corner as Time Warner, whose well known brands (HBO, Time Magazine, CNN, Turner Broadcasting Co.) could be brought into the fray for promotion and cross-marketing purposes. And since non-PC Internet devices will require not only cheap software, but scalable solutions (as Nokia and Intel have found), don't be surprised if you see Mozilla's name appearing in more and more press releases this year.

Thanks to onyo for the news.

#5 What Time Warner gets

by Kovu <>

Monday January 10th, 2000 11:30 AM

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They get AOL. They get to part of a huge company. They get exposure for all of their properties through all of AOL's and vice versa, and not have to pay advertising revenues to get it. They get to offer AOL to all their cable subscribers, and a shortcut to online content.

I used to be an AOL hater, and they have done a few things that aren't all that great, and their e-mail client sucks, but I now see AOL as one of the main drivers of the Internet revolution, and I think this deal will accelerate that further. I am also very excited to see some of the things that come from the Gateway/AOL partnership. :) Oh yeah, bigtime.