AOL and Time Warner to Merge

Monday January 10th, 2000

CNNfn is reporting that AOL and Time Warner have made public their plans to merge, with AOL shareholders getting 55% of the merged company, called AOL Time Warner.

Time Warner's boss will remain chief executive, and Steve Case of AOL will become the company's chairman.

As AOL rolls out their set-top and other technological initiatives this year, they can only benefit from being in the same corner as Time Warner, whose well known brands (HBO, Time Magazine, CNN, Turner Broadcasting Co.) could be brought into the fray for promotion and cross-marketing purposes. And since non-PC Internet devices will require not only cheap software, but scalable solutions (as Nokia and Intel have found), don't be surprised if you see Mozilla's name appearing in more and more press releases this year.

Thanks to onyo for the news.

#1 AOL is that rich?

by Tanyel <>

Monday January 10th, 2000 5:56 AM

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I had no idea they were worth more than Time-Warner. I wonder how this will affect relations between Time and Microsoft, if there are any.

I despise this deal.

At least now we know what Netscape 4.71 will bring. There will probably be a Shop@Pathfinder button next to the Shop@Netscape button.

Maybe by the time 4.72 is released, AOL Time-Warner will have acquired an entire country. Then we can have a Shop@France button.

Will Microsoft try to compete by acquiring their own country too? Will they pay people to leave France off of their maps?

I suppose because our television uses Time-Warner Cable, we will soon have AOL available through the cable modems. I actually enjoyed the concept of the cable modem as a means of escaping AOL.

Maybe I should stop typing now before AOL acquires me and stamps their logo on my chest.