Macromedia to Open Flash Player Source

Thursday January 6th, 2000

Tekhir writes, "Well, Macromedia is open sourcing their Flash player and file format [according to this BeNews story]. It would be interesting to see if this could/should be intergrated into Mozilla. Can you imagine if people started making the UI out of Flash 4. Or better yet borrowing its alpha transparency layer. There are a lot of cool effects that one can do with Flash."

Should Flash be integrated into Mozilla? Or should their tasty, optimized vector-drawing code be cannibalized for the inevitable SVG implementation?

#7 Let me elaborate

by Tekhir

Thursday January 6th, 2000 10:53 AM

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I'm not saying a total rewrite of the UI, thats plain silly at this point and time. But Flash does offer the ability to read variables from files and I consider XUL to be a big old variable collection.

also consider that Flash uses many things that arent working right in Mozilla. Maybe MM's source can help fix transparencies in PNG files and be used as a base for SVG.