Macromedia to Open Flash Player Source

Thursday January 6th, 2000

Tekhir writes, "Well, Macromedia is open sourcing their Flash player and file format [according to this BeNews story]. It would be interesting to see if this could/should be intergrated into Mozilla. Can you imagine if people started making the UI out of Flash 4. Or better yet borrowing its alpha transparency layer. There are a lot of cool effects that one can do with Flash."

Should Flash be integrated into Mozilla? Or should their tasty, optimized vector-drawing code be cannibalized for the inevitable SVG implementation?

#23 No....

by jedbro

Thursday January 6th, 2000 11:02 PM

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No.. if you read the press release; <…sh/open/faq/contents.html> If I understood everything, it seems the format has been open since 1998, allowing any 3rd party to Create software to creat and view the SWF format. Now, they are releaseing the VIEWER CODE.

Anyhow, I don't see how this affects Mozilla.. mabey for mozilla 2.0 it could be directly written in, but I see no reason why that would be needed due to the fact of the plugin very small, and netscape will be sure to include it anyhow.

Although I would love to see Flash win over the SVG crap. Flash is here, NOW, and stable. Why work with other crap? SVG, DHTML (DOM), FLASH, Javascript, JAVA, who needs more? SVG and FLASH would just compete.. don't see any reason for that... (except W3C has no control over flash.. which is good.. but not for them)

just my 2 cents