Macromedia to Open Flash Player Source

Thursday January 6th, 2000

Tekhir writes, "Well, Macromedia is open sourcing their Flash player and file format [according to this BeNews story]. It would be interesting to see if this could/should be intergrated into Mozilla. Can you imagine if people started making the UI out of Flash 4. Or better yet borrowing its alpha transparency layer. There are a lot of cool effects that one can do with Flash."

Should Flash be integrated into Mozilla? Or should their tasty, optimized vector-drawing code be cannibalized for the inevitable SVG implementation?

#19 Re: Flash UI , Open source business, etc.

by Dan6992

Thursday January 6th, 2000 6:46 PM

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"Plus, with such an ubituous format, people would pay big bucks for the latest and best development tool for it - which happens to be owned by Macromedia."

No because when they release there file format they are opening the door to more prominent vector based graphics vendors like Corel and Adobe. Who will no doubt build flash file support into the next versions of CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator, and possibly eliminate the need for Macromedia's product all together. It will also open up the possibility of someone writing some hack software that can decode Flash files back in to an editable format eliminating one of the major benefits of using Flash in the first place, security of intellectual property.

One plus I do see though is that it will allow someone to possibly rewrite the Flash format in Java eliminating the need for a plug-in all together, and allowing Flash to be truly cross platform and cross browser.