Macromedia to Open Flash Player Source

Thursday January 6th, 2000

Tekhir writes, "Well, Macromedia is open sourcing their Flash player and file format [according to this BeNews story]. It would be interesting to see if this could/should be intergrated into Mozilla. Can you imagine if people started making the UI out of Flash 4. Or better yet borrowing its alpha transparency layer. There are a lot of cool effects that one can do with Flash."

Should Flash be integrated into Mozilla? Or should their tasty, optimized vector-drawing code be cannibalized for the inevitable SVG implementation?

#10 They're still charging for it...

by Kovu <>

Thursday January 6th, 2000 1:45 PM

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At they still are charging for Flash 4, and there isn't a mention of making it free. But I know that doesn't mean much.