Great New MathML Screenshots!

Wednesday January 5th, 2000

Roger Sidje of Mozilla's MathML group writes, "The lizard is still proving amazingly resilient to the acute torture of MathML. Want a cogent proof that Gecko is ready to roam over the web at full gear no matter how obscure the HTML? After looking at boring pages elsewhere on the net, see for yourself some latest refreshing MathML screenshots obtained by Shyjan when emulating TeX positioning rules. Yes, you are awake. You are seeing what you are seeing. These are raw Mozilla screenshots. Building upon the solid Gecko foundation, nearly all MathML presentation markups are now supported in Mozilla. Although some attributes are missing, efforts are underway to consolidate the MathML code so that it can fit in normal day-to-day usage in typical situations."

We have three new screenshots for you. The first shows stretchy radicals and accents, the second shows limits, and the third shows some of the more difficult rendering examples. Enjoy!


by james_keller <>

Thursday January 6th, 2000 4:56 PM

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Man, I am so hyped about MathML's eventual landing.. Over the past few years I've checked up on web/math developments and I am so excited to see it so close to finally making it into a mainstream browser.

I'm not even a math guy and I'm hyped about this!