Great New MathML Screenshots!

Wednesday January 5th, 2000

Roger Sidje of Mozilla's MathML group writes, "The lizard is still proving amazingly resilient to the acute torture of MathML. Want a cogent proof that Gecko is ready to roam over the web at full gear no matter how obscure the HTML? After looking at boring pages elsewhere on the net, see for yourself some latest refreshing MathML screenshots obtained by Shyjan when emulating TeX positioning rules. Yes, you are awake. You are seeing what you are seeing. These are raw Mozilla screenshots. Building upon the solid Gecko foundation, nearly all MathML presentation markups are now supported in Mozilla. Although some attributes are missing, efforts are underway to consolidate the MathML code so that it can fit in normal day-to-day usage in typical situations."

We have three new screenshots for you. The first shows stretchy radicals and accents, the second shows limits, and the third shows some of the more difficult rendering examples. Enjoy!

#1 One word, Awesome!

by asa

Wednesday January 5th, 2000 3:08 PM

Great work MathML Team!! Asa

#2 impressive work

by stoecker

Wednesday January 5th, 2000 3:24 PM

ok. it's a "mee too" message, but they've really done a great job! :-)


#3 very impressive

by wheezy

Wednesday January 5th, 2000 4:41 PM

i can just see the math and physics department all across the country getting all horny over this stuff. excellent work!

#4 Algebra Markup

by jrmski

Wednesday January 5th, 2000 5:07 PM

I am the creator of a website which offers lessons, calcs. etc to help students with algebra. Currently, I have to use MS word to edit all of my equations and expressions, then I save them as GIF files to post to the web. I can't wait till everyone has a MathML enabled web browser like mozilla. It will greatly simplify the process of making lessons and examples for my site and others.

Great Job MML team!


by james_keller

Thursday January 6th, 2000 4:56 PM

Man, I am so hyped about MathML's eventual landing.. Over the past few years I've checked up on web/math developments and I am so excited to see it so close to finally making it into a mainstream browser.

I'm not even a math guy and I'm hyped about this!

#6 SVG would be nice too

by rjc999

Thursday January 6th, 2000 7:37 PM

MathML is great for academia (I'm a big LaTeX user), but SVG would be even better.

Imagine being able to dispense with all those GIFs used just to draw boxes or curved lines or text. And to be able to animate/script it too!

#7 Re: SVG would be nice too

by FrodoB

Friday January 7th, 2000 9:15 AM

Certainly, SVG would be nice.

But MathML is a recommendation, not just a working draft like SVG (or at least it was last time I checked). Going with finalized specs is much better in the long run.

#8 start early

by rjc999

Sunday January 9th, 2000 6:16 PM

SVG is just about to go to "Last Call" review. By the time Netscape 5 comes out, or Mozilla hits final, it should be approved.

Important specs should be "tracked" by prototype implementations until they reach final. This is one way that the working committes get useful feedback is by people trying to implement the draft spec.

And for rendering documents and graphics, SVG has a much much wider application than MathML.

(I am aware of the Mozilla SVG effort, just seems like it is not progressing quickly)