Re: The Intel Web Appliance

Tuesday January 4th, 2000

Some people have submitted news regarding the Intel "web-appliance" mentioned in Netcenter's TechNews section.

You may recall that we reported on this way back in September -- "Nokia's 'MediaScreen' Proof-Of-Concept Uses Mozilla". A month later, Intel and Nokia were working on "set-top" solutions -- "the Nokia/Intel 'set-top' venture". A month after that, they were called an "Internet-enhanced television solutions" -- "Confirmed: Nokia Using Mozilla in New Internet Devices". Now, two months after the last press release, they're "web appliances", looking more like the original "Media Screen" announcement. Whatever the name, at each iteration they're using Linux at their core, and Mozilla as their browser.

It seems the core of the strategy is lower cost of ownership, and Nokia and Intel still believe that that can only come from a free OS with a free browser.

#1 Sounds like the Gateway/AOL thing

by Kovu <>

Wednesday January 5th, 2000 8:51 AM

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Gateway's formerly-named Amiga subsidiary (they just sold the name a few days back) is working with Sun/Gateway and AOL (at least) for an "information appliance" software operating environment based on -- you guessed it -- Linux, Java, and, quite likely, Mozilla as well. I think it's a Linux future, boys and ghouls.