BugDay - Browser Bug Prescreening

Monday January 3rd, 2000

Tomorrow, there will be QA people from on hand to help with bug prescreening of browser bugs. What's bug prescreening? Many bugs come in that are not necessarily relevant to Mozilla, or are not valid bugs, and prescreening to weed out the invalid ones can save some developer's time so he or she can focus on fixing the real bugs. You can read more about bug prescreening at

Show up tomorrow for BugDay at #mozillazine on to help with bug prescreening, or any other bug-related work you'd like to do. There will be QA people there from 3:00-4:00pm PST if you have any questions for them, and other bug-reporters there throughout the night to help you out.

#4 Stats

by thelem

Tuesday January 4th, 2000 11:29 AM

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Just looking at asa's post made me think of something. Does you (chrisn) have an stats for MozillaZine? I mean just browser-percentage one.

Obviously it wouldn't be particularly useful, but I think it could be quite interesting.

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