Developer Chat With Dave Hyatt

Saturday January 1st, 2000

Our next developer chat will be with Dave Hyatt this Thursday, January 6, at 3pm PST (PST is GMT-0800). Dave will be talking about the Mozilla UI and its "skinnability" (the ability to customize the interface). This should be a great chat for those of you interested in Mozilla's UI customization, so be sure to stop by at #mozillazine at It can be as easy as visiting our chat page and using the Java chat client that we provide there.

#3 How can one actually change XUL skins?

by ghaz

Saturday January 1st, 2000 9:54 PM

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I tried to change them on chrome zone, but I think I need to laxen javascript / XPconnect (?) security, before it will allow me to change skins. Any ideas how?