Developer Chat With Dave Hyatt

Saturday January 1st, 2000

Our next developer chat will be with Dave Hyatt this Thursday, January 6, at 3pm PST (PST is GMT-0800). Dave will be talking about the Mozilla UI and its "skinnability" (the ability to customize the interface). This should be a great chat for those of you interested in Mozilla's UI customization, so be sure to stop by at #mozillazine at It can be as easy as visiting our chat page and using the Java chat client that we provide there.

#1 Hyatt's hands?

by phil

Saturday January 1st, 2000 4:08 PM

What's this I kept reading a while back about a problem with Hyatt's ability to type? Injury?

#9 Re: Hyatt's hands?

by asa

Wednesday January 5th, 2000 8:17 AM

I believe that he had some type of repetitive stress injury from typing too much. I know he still had a surrogate typing for him the last developer chat he was involved in. Hope it's getting better.

#2 the skinny on UI

by url

Saturday January 1st, 2000 6:39 PM

If the various discussions going on in the mozilla UI newsgroup about skin design and default skins provide any evidence, there will be lots of good chat about those things when Dave is online. I never realized how passionate some can be about browser appearance. :)


#3 How can one actually change XUL skins?

by ghaz

Saturday January 1st, 2000 9:54 PM

I tried to change them on chrome zone, but I think I need to laxen javascript / XPconnect (?) security, before it will allow me to change skins. Any ideas how?

#6 Re: How can one actually change XUL skins?

by sdm

Monday January 3rd, 2000 10:41 AM

You would need to laxen the security, but even then, I don't think it would work. The chromezone is based on an old skinning model which uses a deprecated file format (registry.rdf). The New One True Way uses chrome.rdf files in the different directories, and does not allow for changing the XUL itself, because of security and version skew concerns.

There are 3 things which need to be finished in mozilla for skins to work really well: chrome.rdf docs and impl., skin changing UI, and fixing the current xul to be skinnable.

Hopefully more info will come out in the chat - these are all in various states of completeness.

#4 Has Mozilla got IRC yet?

by danielhill

Monday January 3rd, 2000 7:00 AM

I thought I saw Mozilla now has IRC support? Is this true? If so, how do I start it? (I will get a new nightly build tomorrow)

#5 Re: Has Mozilla got IRC yet?

by asa

Monday January 3rd, 2000 9:12 AM

yes, mozilla has irc. to set it up you have to modify a couple of prefs in the all.js file under bin\defaults\pref. first step is to go the the Tasks menu item and select IRC chat. this will load a page that tells you how to modify the pref. Basically you look for the two prefs pref("security.checkdomprops", true); pref("security.checkxpconnect", true); and change the 'true' value to a 'false'. Once you have done this (with mozilla closed) you open mozilla and click IRC chat (on the Tasks menu again) and from there click on the test3.xul button and it will launch the chat window. If you have any problems post a follow-up and I'll try to help. (note that the default nick is IRCmonkey or something like that, you might want to change it before joining a channel).

-asa (posted with a moz 2000 build)

#7 Re: Re: Has Mozilla got IRC yet?

by danielhill

Monday January 3rd, 2000 8:20 PM

I did that, and it says the component and type library files are missing.

Is IRC missing from the installer builds? I will get the zip file later today and check.

#8 Java 2?

by Kovu

Wednesday January 5th, 2000 12:48 AM

Anyone know... will Netscape 5 support Java 2?

#10 Re: Java 2?

by Tekhir

Thursday January 6th, 2000 12:06 AM

No it wont support Java 1.2/2, but it will support and require Java 1.3.

#11 Enough Time

by Tekhir

Thursday January 6th, 2000 12:09 AM

I wonder if David will have enough time to anwser all the question. Anything relating to the UI seems to attract a lot of people.