Happy New Year!

Thursday December 30th, 1999

Well, for some it's a still little early, but I know some of our readers are just a few hours away from the date change. So, from all here at MozillaZine, have a happy holiday, and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

People should be filing back into their offices on Monday, and our Mozilla news will start up again on Jan. 3.

#13 Close, but good enough for me!

by gerbilpower <>

Friday December 31st, 1999 3:52 PM

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2000 is the year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar, I know because my parents just put up a new 2000 calendar in my room and it has a big picture of a dragon on it, heh

Dragon, lizard, what's the difference? Year of Mozilla, YAY!