Happy New Year!

Thursday December 30th, 1999

Well, for some it's a still little early, but I know some of our readers are just a few hours away from the date change. So, from all here at MozillaZine, have a happy holiday, and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

People should be filing back into their offices on Monday, and our Mozilla news will start up again on Jan. 3.

#1 =D

by Ben_Goodger

Thursday December 30th, 1999 9:40 PM

NZ is the first industrialised nation to see the new year in. The clock strikes midnight in about six hours and 45 minutes. Happy new year everyone from the edge of time!

#2 YAY

by gerbilpower

Friday December 31st, 1999 12:25 AM


Jan 3 is also the day I get regular computer access back, it's the day I return to my college campus, so semi-yay


#3 5:16 to go - Happy New Year! (n/t)

by Hendy99

Friday December 31st, 1999 12:35 AM


#4 Happy New Woo-Hoo!

by url

Friday December 31st, 1999 12:58 AM

Here's hoping that everyone has a *GREAT* new year no matter what part of the 'ol planet you're living on - Good health and success to you all.

A toast to 2000 and a soon to come new browser. *clink* :)


#5 oh, by the way...

by url

Friday December 31st, 1999 1:06 AM

...for the y2k inclined out there, have a happy 1900! :) *hehe*


#7 Re: oh, by the way...

by Tanyel

Friday December 31st, 1999 4:01 AM

Well, in my case, it's happy "0" :) Other than my calendar being off by 2000 years, I am very excited about our new year and I wish Mozilla much success with creating its web browser and Netscape 5. I even look forward to Netscape 4.71. Good luck in the next century.

#6 Happy 00!

by Darchmare

Friday December 31st, 1999 1:13 AM

See title. :>

#8 2000: The year of the green lizard

by danielhill

Friday December 31st, 1999 4:02 AM

This year was the year of the rabbit (I think), I propose 2000 is made the year of the green lizard! Happy New Year people! 5 hours to go here in Perth, Western Australia

#13 Close, but good enough for me!

by gerbilpower

Friday December 31st, 1999 3:52 PM

2000 is the year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar, I know because my parents just put up a new 2000 calendar in my room and it has a big picture of a dragon on it, heh

Dragon, lizard, what's the difference? Year of Mozilla, YAY!


#9 Solution for y2k problems

by KaiRo

Friday December 31st, 1999 4:58 AM

I heard of some people with an interesting solution for y2k problems: Change your wall calender to the year 1900, change the photo on our wall to one from the president of the year 1900, ...

Happy Y2K

#10 Hmmm.

by Tanyel

Friday December 31st, 1999 7:23 AM

I wonder what 20th Century Fox is going to do about their name.

I wonder if Prince is still going to sing that 1999 song. I think he should compare his old parties to the one he has tonight to see if he really did party like it was 1999.

Am I the only one who is hoping for a Y2K bug in the computers that record my unpaid bills?

Just a few thoughts...

#11 Re: Hmmm.

by rkl

Friday December 31st, 1999 8:09 AM

As far as 20th Century Fox goes, maybe they'll use "30th Century Fox" (see closing credits of "Futurama") :-)

Prince is singing the 1999 song *one more time* at a Millennium concert and then he's never going to sing it again. It was re-released a few weeks as a UK CD single, BTW.

I think most, if not all, banks will be Y2K compliant, so there's no need to withdraw a load of cash for hoarding purposes either (someone did this a month or so ago in some Far East country and got robbed of a huge amount of money !).

It's nice to see the UK wasting the most money (so it seems) on Millennium celebrations - you've got the London Eye (a ghastly huge ferris wheel over- looking the Thams) and the even worse Millennium Dome (yep, over ONE BILLION DOLLARS was spent on this joke that most people in the UK would rather went on health and education than a big plastic shell that will be demolished in a few years time).

#16 Re: Re: Hmmm.

by danielhill

Friday December 31st, 1999 11:17 PM

You mean the ferris wheel which DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!! Bit like the English cricket team really :)

#12 Happy New Year guys...

by Snake

Friday December 31st, 1999 1:19 PM

Two hours 45 minutes to go here in Germany... We'll see what happens ;>

#14 Happy 1900!

by MattyT

Friday December 31st, 1999 6:57 PM

Say no more ...

#15 Happy 2000

by MozFan

Friday December 31st, 1999 11:03 PM

All Fizz and no Y2k bang. Can't wait for Mozilla.

#17 Er, 3rd Jan is a holiday (in the UK anyway)

by rkl

Saturday January 1st, 2000 9:27 AM

Just a note that because New Year's Day is a Saturday, the UK (and I suspect many other countries) have made the 3rd January a holiday to compensate... so we're all back on the 4th January in the UK and get an extra day in bed !

#20 Re: Er, 3rd Jan is a holiday (in the UK anyway)

by danielhill

Saturday January 1st, 2000 9:03 PM

Ditto in Australia.

#18 The Y2K effect?

by jsight

Saturday January 1st, 2000 3:59 PM

Has anyone else noticed that Mozilla is up in flames on all but ONE platform as of Midnight last night... interesting. :-)

#19 Re: The Y2K effect?

by Tanyel

Saturday January 1st, 2000 4:05 PM

I think the last one I downloaded was 30 December. It said there was some kind of error in what I believe it called "chrome". I couldn't get it to start.

#21 Re: Re: The Y2K effect?

by Tanyel

Sunday January 2nd, 2000 8:53 PM

It is working again. I think I will see if there is any progress on the bug I submitted.

#22 Re: Re: Re: The Y2K effect?

by Ben_Goodger

Monday January 3rd, 2000 5:14 AM

ah yes. oops. I think that bustage was my fault. I accidentally checked in an update to a file that clobbered a previous version, causing a text string entity to be missing. Lucky it was a quiet time of year -_-;;;;;;;;

As for the y2k thing, seems it was due to various problems in scripts that pull the code from the CVS server onto the build machines. Everything is working again now as it should!

#23 Re: Re: Re: Re: The Y2K effect?

by danielhill

Monday January 3rd, 2000 6:56 AM

So everyhing's fine now? Excellent. I'll pull down a build tomorrow morning. Haven't kept up recently, I've been very very busy and fell behind. Any major changes since the start of December?